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Father’s Day

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This is the first Father’s Day Emme and Scooter celebrated together. I wanted to share this photo with the world because it will always be special to me. Emme is the inspiration behind JCSS Photography and Scooter has been the backbone. I love them so much and so glad to see them enjoy this special day together. Happy Father’s Day!  DSC_0162


DSC_0162 (2)

Ok! This is my first blog post. I can not tell anybody how excited I am about this new venture in my life!  I created this site all by myself with a bit of help at the end. So bare with me as I develop my site. Now about the roses. My hubby brought me roses for Valentines Day and I could not wait to use my new 50 mm lens to shoot in the dark. Once it got quiet in my house (always loud), I turned the lights out and started taking pictures of the roses. The only lighting I used is the fireplace. Of course, this is just what my hubby wanted me getting cozy with my camera. I love the image and I hope you do too!