Jacque Smith Photography

A day at a daycare!

I had the pleasure of shooting babies, toddlers, and preschool age children at Wright Steps Academy in Louisville, Kentucky! I had a good time & it was a fun-filled day of work! Wright Steps Academy is the place, if you need good quality daycare services for your children in the Louisville area! These are some of my favorites! I LOVE the storyboards!10x20StoryboardSB2228x10






Tammy + Mike

Wedding  ~  May 10, 2014

I was stoked and smitten at my first meeting with Tammy and Mike. The love I witnessed between the two was outright cute! Tammy was sweet as can be and I could not have met a finer man, (hopefully, my hubby will not see this :)!  I did wedding second shoots for a year, so this is officially my very first “own” wedding. Needless, to say, I could not go without sharing my  experience with the “Kaelins”. It was a good day full of laughter and fun. They treated me like family and I had a great time. I stayed until the end. I wish we could do it all over again. Here are a few of my favorite candid moments from the day as well as just a few of my favorites. Again, congrats to my new friends, Tammy & Mike. MBEG!  Thank you! xo











Uncle Joe and Aunt Towanna! Two very wonderful people. Anybody that knows them does know what I am talking about when I say “wonderful.” They have always been there for me especially at the most difficult times of my life. I was happy when Towanna asked me to do the fall shoot and became quickly excited when she told me she had the perfect place. A secret location in Jtown! I knew she was serious and I would be ready to photograph them as they are. It was a mini session that I will not forget. I love these two people with all my heart and feel so good about capturing this moment.




Father’s Day

Louisville Lifestyle Photography.

This is the first Father’s Day Emme and Scooter celebrated together. I wanted to share this photo with the world because it will always be special to me. Emme is the inspiration behind JCSS Photography and Scooter has been the backbone. I love them so much and so glad to see them enjoy this special day together. Happy Father’s Day!  DSC_0162


DSC_0162 (2)

Ok! This is my first blog post. I can not tell anybody how excited I am about this new venture in my life!  I created this site all by myself with a bit of help at the end. So bare with me as I develop my site. Now about the roses. My hubby brought me roses for Valentines Day and I could not wait to use my new 50 mm lens to shoot in the dark. Once it got quiet in my house (always loud), I turned the lights out and started taking pictures of the roses. The only lighting I used is the fireplace. Of course, this is just what my hubby wanted me getting cozy with my camera. I love the image and I hope you do too!